Data Center Service​

Market and business analysis, strategy, development and planning

Empowering the digital economy

Data Centres are the powerhouses of the digital economy

But there are also many varieties, large and small with differing services models, different business models, and different locational advantages. We unravel the complexities and advise on what kind of business case is most appropriate for what kind of data centre.

Cloud adoption is booming and APTelecom’s heritage, based on our emerging market track record, positions us well to support the expansion into markets not traditionally served by the hyper-scalers.

Experience you can trust

With veteran experience in the submarine cable industry, APTelecom prides itself on superior customer service

We have the capability of delivering qualified presales to any system looking to seek funding or expansion, as well as improving networks, facilitating growth, and managing change for our clients in the OTT and ISP space.

The company is sought after as a leading commentator on emerging market trends and has featured in dozens of media outlets such as Wired Magazine, TechTalk, Wall Street Journal, Fox Business Network, and Reuters.

We pride ourselves on delivering qualified pre-sales to planned subsea system builds and terrestrial networks

Due Diligence

A consulting partner to the private equity market providing comprehensive analysis that ensures maximum value is realized from every deal

Emerging Markets

We are leading Emerging Markets experts having been a focus of the business since 2009


Market and business analysis, strategy, development and planning

Capacity Building

Market and business analysis, strategy, development and planning

Analytics & Feasibility

A consulting partner to take your idea from the drawing board to reality

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International Telecommunications Specialists – Serving the Subsea Industry.


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