What we do

APTelecom specializes in developing connectivity and digital infrastructure in both established and emerging markets around the globe

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Our Core Values


Integrity in all our business dealings


Innovation in our products and services

Know Our Markets

Cultural understanding of the markets in which we operate

Enjoy What We Do

Enjoyment of our work is at the heart of our origin and heritage

Giving Back

We believe in giving back to communities in which we operate

Our Mission

To strengthen our market leading position as the provider of choice for international telecommunications consulting services

This includes data and fiber consulting in all countries in which we operate with a specific focus on emerging markets.

Our Vision

To assist clients build and improve their networks, facilitate growth, and manage change.

Our goal is to build on our reputation as a leading provider of global connectivity, cloud solutions, and emerging market advisory-based solutions.

APTelecom distinguishes itself through quality, integrity, and innovation across our entire suite of products and services.

Our Management Team

With veteran experience in the submarine cable industry, APTelecom prides itself on superior customer service and the capability of delivering qualified pre-sales to any system looking to seek funding or expansion.

Eric Handa

Co Founder & CEO

Located in US/North America

Sean Bergin

Co Founder & President

Located in Asia/Pacific

Matt Christie

Director of Project Operations

Located in SE-Asia

John Rhee


Located in Guam

Tony Razzell

vp financial modeling

Located in USA

Ian Mclean


Located in SE-Asia & Oceania

Dr. Y. Niiro

Country Manager

Located in Japan

John Mellick

Director - Africa

Located in USA

Anup Gupta

Director - India/SARC Region

Located in India

John Maguire

Director - EMEA

Located in Europe

Paul Murphy


Located in USA

Peter Gaudioso


Located in USA

Arabinda Laha

Director - Southeast Asia

Located in India

Jeff Fraser

Advisory Board Member

Located in USA

Sandy Weiss

Board Member

Located in USA/Asia Pacific

John Manock

PT Support Manager

Located in USA

Alex Chace

Senior Director

Located in USA

Sean Richardson


Located in USA – Atlanta