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Pioneers in Submarine Cable pre-sales with in excess of $2billion in systems achieving RFS over the last decade

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APTelecom is a global leader

Award-winning telecom and fiber consulting company specializing in emerging markets around the globe.

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We give back to the emerging markets we do business in to create stronger communities.


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New System

APTelecom is the preeminent cable system pre-sales specialists, with the capability to deliver qualified pre-sales to any system looking to seek funding or expansion. APTelecom has a successful track record of helping systems generate pre-sales.

Established System

Many of APTelecom’s clients choose to retain our services once their system has achieved ‘Ready For Service’ status. With our global reach and international relationships, we deliver sales post RFS.

Outsourced International

Tier-one carriers from around the globe are increasingly designating APTelecom as an outsourced international capacity sales team. This relationship allows APTelecom to further assist our clients in-house.


Although APTelecom is recognized for our subsea cable sales expertise, we also provide the support services needed to make calculated business decisions.

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APTelecom enables success of undersea cables through a proven suite of sales and business model services.

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14-17 June 2020

International Telecoms Week

APTelecom will again be attending the world’s largest wholesale telecoms event. The annual ITW event brings 7000+ delegates from 135+ countries to network in …

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