White House Announces APTelecom Facilitating Digital Connectivity in Pacific Islands

In the wake of the U.S.-Pacific Islands Forum Summit, APTelecom is at the forefront of advancing secure and resilient digital connectivity in the Pacific Islands.

In the White House Fact Sheet, the U.S. and Australia reaffirmed their commitment to enhancing the region’s economic development and climate resilience through various projects and activities. This strategic collaboration is conducted in consultation with regional organizations, including the Pacific Islands Forum, to ensure seamless coordination.

Particularly noteworthy is the drive to bolster digital connectivity. Both countries, in partnership with Google, Hawaiki Nui and APTelecom, will expand sustainable and reliable internet infrastructure in Pacific Island Countries. Together with Australia, the U.S. plans to invest a total of $65 million to support secure connectivity in the Pacific Islands, including branching units for key nations.

APTelecom is proud to contribute to these efforts, reinforcing our commitment to secure and resilient digital infrastructure in the Pacific Islands.

Read the White House Fact Sheet here.