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What’s Inside:

For the second year in a row, we welcome the Foreword written by Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union, Mr. Houlin Zhao, wherein he discusses the state of the ITU and world communications.

  • A brand-new immersive reading experience, interactive maps and a snappy new look.
  • Video introductions from 19 industry magnates.
  • Interactive State of the Industry Poll – tell us what you think as you read!
  • In depth analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on project activities.
  • NEW TOPIC – Unrepeatered Systems
  • Extensive review of cable vessel activities, driven by live AIS data.
  • Region Dashboards – you have to see these!
What else to look forward to:
  • Global Overview – Including a history of cables, capacity estimates, capacity pricing, global system development and ownership paradigms
  • Ownership Financing Analysis – A historic perspective, regional financing analysis, current financing estimates and future estimates
  • Supplier Analysis – Including system suppliers, upgraders, installers, surveyors and recent mergers, acquisitions and industry activities
  • System Maintenance – Analysis of maintenance publicity, reporting trends and club versus private maintenance agreements
  • Cable Ships – Fleet distribution, future cable ships and current and future shore end activity
  • Market Drivers and Influencers – Discussion of the role of Content Providers and Data Center providers play in the submarine fiber industry
  • Special Markets – Including Offshore Energy and Unrepeatered Systems
  • Regional Market Analysis and Capacity Outlook

The long awaited annual Submarine Telecoms Industry Report is now available HERE

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