APTelecom selected by Client for USA & Emerging Markets Business Growth

Nokia and Angola Cables recently tested the first direct optical connection between the USA (Miami) and Africa (Angola) with PSE-3 chipset. Combining SACS and MONET subsea systems, this joint trial allowed for the first time; 300 Gbps of traffic between Miami and Luanda. The test adds more capacity to an already low latency network, improving the performance and user experience in applications such as cloud computing and content consumption.

USA & Emerging Markets Business Growth

APTelecom has been appointed as a strategic partner, accountable for representing Angola Cables in the United States and to support the company’s efforts regarding business development in core marketplaces or projects.

APTelecom is an award-winning fiber-consulting firm based in the US which expertise and reaches spans a wide range of emerging global markets.

Europe and Africa in Rountable in Davos

Angola Cables joined the Swiss-African Business Roundtable during the 2020 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos. The C-level debate exploited common ground understanding in cross-investments, win-win partnerships and innovative project development in Africa.

Extending Networks to ASIA

With more than 30.000 Km of subsea fiber optic cable deployed (Monet, SACS and WACS) connecting 4 regions USA/LATAM/Africa and Europe, Angola Cables network is now bridging Asia. A recently MOU was signed with CTM Macau aiming to enhance digital opportunities for business between Macau, Mainland China, African Portuguese-speaking countries and Brazil.

Angonix empowers South Atlantic Networks

Angonix, one of the major IXPs in Africa and the largest in Angola reached a 14.4 traffic peak in February, this new record, reflects on the importance of the platform to reduce latency between its members.

Angonix is a Internet hub neutral-carrier, created in 2015 in order to interconnect global networks, operators, content providers and other entities with ASN.

Today, Angonix empowers more than 25 members in Africa and America.

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