APTelecom provides private equity support for client in South-East Asia for Edge Data Center Expansion

APTelecom advanced its strategy to provide specialized private equity market support by assisting Verge Digital Infrastructure Pte Ltd (Verge) in identifying, evaluating, and closing its successful development round funding with a well-respected US-based investment bank. This new funding will enable Verge to make rapid progress on its planned open-access cable landing station and edge data center projects across South East Asia.

“APTelecom specializes in developing connectivity and digital infrastructure in both established and emerging markets globally, and we are pleased that we played a key role in b ringing the teams together,” said Sean Bergin, APTelecom’s Co-Founder and President. Bergin, who is also the President & Chair of the Pacific Telecommunications Council added “APTelecom has demonstrated that we continue to advance our strategy to serve as a consulting and advisory partner to the private equity marketplace focused on capital for the expansion of network infrastructure and connectivity in fast growing and emerging international markets.”

“We are pleased to have the strong support of APTelecom across a range of critical business areas,” said Chris Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO of Verge Digital Infrastructure. He added that, “Verge can now advance to the next step of the mission to improve connectivity and access to content across the high growth markets of South East Asia through the construction of new open-access digital infrastructure.”

In February Verge’s affiliate in Thailand, LXT Networks, secured its Type 3 telecommunications license which allows it to provide submarine cable landing, terrestrial fibre and data centre services. With the Development Round funding it is able to complete the final surveys, permits and other activities prior the scheduled start of construction in Q3 2021.

“We are excited to be working with the team at Verge, particularly given their plan to marry carrier-neutral data centers with open-access cable landing stations that will materially enhance digital infrastructure in emerging markets in southeast Asia” commented Eric Hand, Co-Founder and CEO of APTelecom. Handa added, “our traditional mission has been to help companies achieve their commercial objectives by providing value through experienced-based expert consulting in the monetization of their connectivity assets. We have now demonstrated that we can successfully support activities being undertaken by investors and lenders seeking to expand in the connectivity space in the new world of convergence in underserved emerging markets.”