Google & APTelecom Pioneer Resilient Digital Connectivity in the Pacific

Google recently announced their collaboration with APTelecom and other key partners, leading the charge in enhancing digital connectivity and resilience in the Pacific.

The South Pacific Connect initiative, introduces two transpacific subsea cables: Honomoana, linking the United States and Australia to French Polynesia, and Tabua, connecting the United States and Australia to Fiji.

These cables, named after meaningful Pacific references, are set to improve connectivity, reliability, and capacity across the region. Additionally, physically diverse cable landing stations in Fiji and French Polynesia will be linked with an interlink cable, establishing a connectivity ring that includes Australia. This initiative incorporates pre-positioned branching units, enabling other countries and territories in Oceania to access the enhanced reliability and resilience offered by the project. This marks a significant step in bringing redundant international connectivity to a region prone to natural disasters.

Eric Handa, CEO of APTelecom, emphasizes the importance of collaboration in advancing connectivity solutions that have the potential to transform the Pacific.

APTelecom is proud to be part of this transformative initiative, working alongside Google and other partners to bridge the digital divide and elevate Pacific connectivity to new heights.

Read the Google Announcement here.