APTelecom Partners with Bulk Fiber Networks for sales on HAVFRUE Cable System

Bulk Fiber Networks announced today that it has engaged APTelecom, an award-winning fiber consulting firm specializing in global markets, to serve as its International Sales Partner to assist with the monetization of HAVFRUE, a new submarine cable system providing connectivity across the Atlantic.

The HAVFRUE subsea cable is the first new undersea cable traversing the North Atlantic to connect mainland Northern Europe to the continental U.S. in nearly two decades, and the first ever to connect into Norway. It connects New Jersey, USA, to Esbjerg in Denmark with branches to Ireland and Norway.

“HAVFRUE is an important addition of modern, diverse routing options connecting our growing data center capabilities in the Nordics with Europe and the United States,” says Peder Nærbø, Founder and Chairman of Bulk Infrastructure. “APTelecom brings a track record of global success in strategic fiber consulting and helps bring our Nordic sustainable infrastructure to the major international markets.”

The Nordic region has become a strategic location for Hyperscalers and ISPs due to abundant and affordable sustainable energy sources. The HAVFRUE subsea cable will support the large-scale data transport requirements with Bulk Fiber Networks offering flexible and advanced capacity solutions.

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Article courtesy of Business Wire; first published Feburary 5, 2021.