APTelecom featured in global industry report SubTel Forum

SubTel Forum is pleased to announce that the 2018-19 edition of the Industry Report is now available! In this issue our analysts discuss the current health and state of affairs in the submarine telecoms market. This issue has been updated to include a significant design overhaul – while continuing to provide the most accurate and comprehensive data on the submarine fiber market.

Topics included:

Global Overview – Including a history of cables, capacity estimates, capacity pricing, global system development and ownership paradigms
Ownership Financing Analysis – A historic perspective, regional financing analysis, current financing estimates and future estimates
Supplier Analysis – Including system suppliers, upgraders, installers, surveyors and recent mergers, acquisitions and industry activities
System Maintenance – Analysis of maintenance publicity, reporting trends and club versus private maintenance agreements
Cable Ships – Fleet distribution, future cable ships and current and future shore end activity
System Drivers and Special Markets – Including data centers and OTT providers and offshore energy
In-depth Regional Analysis

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