APTelecom a Proud Member of the International Cable Protection Committee

The International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC) has been at the forefront of securing submarine telecommunications and power cables worldwide since its establishment. As a proud member of the ICPC, APTelecom joins a group of governmental administrations, commercial companies, and cable owners and operators dedicated to the protection and advancement of the submarine cable industry.

The ICPC’s mission is to enhance the security and resilience of undersea cables by providing a forum for the exchange of technical, legal, and environmental information among its Members. The committee sets internationally agreed recommendations for cable installation, protection, and maintenance, fostering best practices to elevate industry standards. The ICPC also monitors international treaties and national legislation, ensuring that submarine cable interests are safeguarded.

With a strong liaison with UN bodies, the ICPC advocates for the protection and preservation of submarine cables’ essential role in the global digital economy. As a member of the ICPC, APTelecom reinforces its commitment to ensuring a secure and interconnected future for all, driving progress in the submarine cable industry and beyond.

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