Angola Cables ‘SAFE’ with APTelecom


United States, New Jersey, 9th January, 2020.

Aware of the increasing need for a more efficient and low latency route, Angola Cables has been exploring a new express route connecting the southern hemisphere subsea cables from Asia directly to South America via Africa. Proof of Concept (PoC) testing is currently being conducted leveraging two cable systems; the South Africa Far East cable system (SAFE), connecting Malaysia to Angola, and South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) connecting Angola to Brazil.

As a result of this extensively extended footprint, Angola Cables has engaged APTelecom to support the monetization efforts. “We are thrilled to be continuing our relationship with Angola Cables, especially on such an important project connecting three of the world’s most significant telecom markets” said Sean Bergin, APTelecom President and PTC Vice Chair, Board of Governors. “The demand for data continues to grow unabated and this is especially true of Asia, Africa and South America. Given its asset base, Angola Cables has a unique value proposition and APTelecom is looking forward to supporting their sales activities”.

Most of the global internet traffic today utilises infrastructure located primarily in the northern hemisphere to link Asia, Europe and North America. Meanwhile, the southern hemisphere, which includes parts of Asia, Africa and South America are heavily connected via links coming from the North. However, the traffic to the southern region currently travels a longer route affecting the internet experience of the end-users.

This initiative is expected to transform data transfer between countries and economies, enabling a more robust connection amongst backhaul providers, content/application providers and content delivery network providers in a more efficient data sharing process. The benefits will be far-reaching, especially for financial institutions in conveying market-sensitive information or multinational companies in sharing large amounts of data and applications to users in the US, Latin America and the Far East region.

Angola Cables CEO Antonio Nunes said, “We are now able to serve Asian, African and South American customers at speeds and capacity levels never before achieved in the Southern Hemisphere. This truly is a game changer for these markets.”

About Angola Cables

Angola Cables is a multinational company operating in the ICT industry with tailored connectivity solutions for the wholesale and corporate segments. With a robust transport infrastructure and highly interconnected IP network, Angola Cables allows customers with greater access to the largest IXP´s, Tier 1 operators and global content providers. Through SACS, Monet and WACS submarine cable systems the company directly connects the Americas, Africa, and Europe and has established partnerships to reach Asia. We manage the Tier III Data Center AngoNAP Fortaleza (Brazil) and the Data center AngoNAP Luanda (Angola) as well as the PIX and Angonix, one of the largest Internet Exchange Point in Africa.

Angola Cables provide digital services for multiple industries overall and have available customized cloud and gaming resources for customers.

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About APTelecom

APTelecom is an award-winning fiber consulting firm founded in 2009. Based in the United States, APTelecom’s reach and expertise spans a wide range of emerging global markets, including Angola, Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Indonesia, as well as in several other countries across Asia and Africa. Amongst the company’s core offerings are submarine cable pre-sales, established system sales, due diligence telecom consulting, cloud-based solutions and security, and strategic fiber consulting services.

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